Author: Marcos Santos, Ph.D

What are the treatments for thyroid nodules?

Thyroid nodules are more common than we think. A large portion of the population will find one at some point in life, but fortunately, most thyroid nodules are benign. Due to the high incidence, the treatment for thyroid nodules, whether benign, malignant, or indeterminate, cannot be fixed and linear; it must be adapted to each patient’s case. Learn more about …

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Incidence of thyroid cancer

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is the most common cancer of the endocrine system¹ and affects three times more women than men. Although it has a good outcome when detected early, it is important to be aware of the signs of the disease. Check out more information throughout this content.   Thyroid Cancer in Brazil Data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA)¹ estimate …

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All you need to know about cancer.

Cancer is a disease that scares patients, their families and generating many doubts. Throughout this text, we will address the main questions about the subject in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Before explaining what cancer is, let’s talk a bit about the extent of this disease in Brazil.   Cancer Incidence in Brazil. Cancer is a significant health problem not …

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Patient Journey

Everything about the Bethesda System for Thyroid

If you have identified a thyroid nodule and your doctor has recommended (or you have already undergone) a fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) of this nodule, you have probably come across the term “Bethesda”. The term “Bethesda” refers to a system created to standardize the worldwide reporting of thyroid nodule FNA results. It is an attempt to make sure that all …

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How can molecular tests help in the management of thyroid nodules?

Molecular tests should be performed after fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA). The patient’s journey with a thyroid nodule often involves undergoing FNA. The responsible physician (usually an endocrinologist or head and neck surgeon) may recommend the biopsy based on certain characteristics of the nodule observed on ultrasound that raise suspicion. FNA is an important exam for a more detailed analysis of …

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Main signs that something is wrong with the thyroid

The thyroid is a gland that regulates the function of organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. To understand its importance, it directly influences the growth and development of children, menstrual cycle regulation, fertility, weight, memory, concentration, and even emotional control. To do so, it produces the hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). When something is wrong with …

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