Tumor Panel for Selection of


in Advanced Thyroid Cancer

Analysis of mutations and fusions in 52 target genes, including specific alterations in BRAF, NTRK, ALK and RET for Advanced Thyroid Cancer.

Targeted therapies consist of drugs specifically designed to act on signaling pathways that may be altered by mutations (DNA) or by somatic fusions (RNA), directly in the tumor.


● Advanced and/or metastatic thyroid tumors, normally resistant/refractory to radioiodine therapy.

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The mir-THYpe target test analyzes not only mutations (DNA) but also fusions (RNA) in 52 target genes (“drugable”) , including all molecular alterations for target drug selection in Advanced Thyroid Cancer (BRAF, NTRK, ALK and RET genes).

It includes the evaluation of the V804L/M mutation of the RET gene, hardly found in other tests on the market.

Presents an uncomplicated medical report, with the indication of which target drugs are related to the molecular alterations found.

Available Targeted Therapies for Advanced Thyroid Cancer

NTRK (Fusions)
Type of Advanced Thyroid Cancer
anaplastic, papillary
anaplastic, papillary and medullary
anaplastic, papillary
Available target therapies
dabrafenib (Tafinlar)
Trametinib (Mekinist)
Selpercatinibe (Retsevmo)
Pralsetinibe (Gavreto)
Larotrectinibe (Vitraki)
Entrectinibe (Rozlytrek)
Type of Advanced Thyroid Canceranaplastic, papillaryanaplastic, papillary and medullaryanaplastic, papillary
Available target therapiesDabrafenibe (Tafinlar)Selpercatinibe (Retsevmo)Larotrectinibe (Vitraki)
Trametinibe (Mekinist)Pralsetinibe (Gavreto)Entrectinibe (Rozlytrek)

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This test is NOT indicated for the investigation of Hereditary/Familial Medullary Carcinoma or MEN2A syndrome, since it analyzes somatic material (from the tumor). For investigation of Familial Medullary Carcinoma/ hereditary disease or MEN2A syndrome caused by mutations in the RET proto-oncogene, analysis of germinative material, such as oral swab scrapings, is necessary. For this purpose, we offer the test mir-THYpe RET-hereditary.

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Uncomplicated and easy to understand medical report, indicating which target drugs relate to the molecular alterations found in the test

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