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Investigation of Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

A complete molecular thyroid testing platform.
Diagnostic. Prognostic. Therapeutics.

Diagnostic and prognostic

mir-THYpe full

Molecular classifier for indeterminate thyroid nodules (Bethesda III or IV) that reclassifies the nodule as negative (“benign”) or positive (“malignant”) for malignancy and helps in customizing the conduct (Follow-up or Surgery).


mir-THYpe pre-op

Preoperative prognostic molecular panel that analyzes prognostic markers that indicate the nodule´s potential for aggressiveness, helping to plan the surgical extension and urgency.

Germ/Hereditary Investigation

mir-THYpe RET-hereditary

Mutation Screening for Germ/Hereditary Investigation of Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma in the RET Proto-oncogene. The identification of germline pathogenic RET proto-oncogene mutations can be used for diagnosis and clinical follow-up of risk due to family history, or for distinguishing between familial (hereditary) and sporadic cases of the disease.

Selection of Targeted Therapies

mir-THYpe target

Molecular Panel for Selection of Targeted Drugs in Thyroid Cancer. Targeted therapies consist of drugs rationally designed to act on a specific target. Precision medicine and personalized treatment.

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The mir-THYpe® full - Molecular Classifier for Indeterminate Nodules is indicated for Bethesda III or IV nodules and assists in the medical decision between active monitoring or surgical intervention.


The exam analyzes the expression profile of microRNAs and evaluates the molecular behavior of the sample, classifying it as “positive” or “negative for” malignancy.


It also analyzes markers of prognostic utility that indicate the potential for the nodule´s aggressiveness.


The mir-THYpe® pre-op - Preoperative Molecular Panel is indicated for Bethesda V or VI nodules and for patients who already have surgical indication.


It aims to assist in the medical decisions related to surgical extension and urgency, or support the active surveillance of microcarcinomas.


The test detects the presence of prognostic markers that indicate the potential for aggressiveness of the nodules.

In addition to the punch blades, we need 3 documents:

  • Medical Request Form: The requesting physician must complete, print, stamp and sign. You can download it from this link:
  • Consent Form (this document comes with the kit): Must be completed and signed by the patient. If you need it, we can send you the online version, too!
  • Copy of the FNA report of the nodule you want to analyze.
  • Doctors usually request the most recent puncture examination.
  • However, we will analyze the puncture slides that the doctor requests in the medical order.
  • It may be that the laboratory releases the slides for all punctures. If this happens, you can send them all to us and our technical department will separate them here. Unused slides will be stored for up to 5 years.

You can place more than three slides in the tube. All you have to do is add them perpendicular to the tabs inside the tube - they fit up to 9 slides in each one. Check the image below:

ONKOS - FAQ - imagem tubinho com laminas

After we receive the kit and confirm the payment, the deadline for the result is 15 working days. The report is sent directly to the patient´s e-mail, with a copy to the doctor requesting the exam.

To perform the exam, it is not necessary to perform a new puncture (FNA). The exam is carried out using the material (slides) from the puncture already performed.

Technically, we can perform the examination on slides up to 5 years old, however, the mir-THYpe® will be a “photo” of how your nodule was at the time of its puncture. It is ideal, than, to confirm with your doctor the possibility of carrying out the examination of this material, as he has all your history and will be able to tell you if the nodule has undergone any changes during this period. Depending on the case, we can use the same material or your doctor can request a new FNA.